In a sonic collaboration between WorkPro and the technical expertise of Audiolight Benidorm, the restaurant SALTOKI has decided to change the rules of the game by trusting in the flagship brand of EQUIPSON.

The WorkPro PENDANT SN6 not only promise exceptional sound quality but also redefine the aesthetic concept in the realm of gastronomy or any space.

The subtlety and elegance of the design of the WorkPro PENDANT seamlessly integrate into the contemporary atmosphere of SALTOKI, turning every corner of the space into a stage where music becomes an essential component of the gastronomic experience.

The installation, carried out by Audiolight Benidorm, not only stands out as a technical achievement but also serves as further evidence of how technology can enhance the aesthetic identity of a place.

SALTOKI not only offers exceptional culinary delight but also a unique sonic experience thanks to the WorkPro PENDANT, which are not just speakers but pieces that add an additional sensory dimension to the restaurant's ambiance.

This synergy between technology and design underscores that sound quality can be as crucial to the customer experience as the menu itself.

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