On this occasion, we travel to Yerevan, Armenia, where Armen Music has chosen WorkPro for the installation at QUEEN BURGER, demonstrating confidence in our audio solutions. In this project, the WorkPro IC 811T speakers and the WorkPro Sound Nut SN8 sound series have been successfully implemented.

With a technical and precise approach, the WorkPro IC 811T speakers provide high-fidelity sound reproduction, while the WorkPro Sound Nut SN8 series complements the auditory experience with efficient acoustic solutions.

The selection of WorkPro products for QUEEN BURGER highlights the versatility of our products, adapting to the demands of modern spaces. Our collaboration with Armen Music reinforces the commitment to bring audio and comprehensive solutions to every corner of the world.

Thanks! We will keep you informed at all times.

Power and design with WORK PRO's NEO loudspeakers

WORK Pro audio in the amazing aquapark of Istralandia

WORK PRO Sound Nut the winning range.

Clear Audio and Great Design make this new speaker range a winner.