In our ongoing commitment to provide top-notch solutions for professional installers and integrators, we take pride in highlighting the recent installation conducted by Audiolight at the Primavera Park Hotel in Benidorm.

This project exemplifies the versatility and quality of our products, designed to deliver exceptional audio and visual experiences. From the impressive lobby to the cozy rooms and outdoor spaces, our sound and lighting equipment seamlessly integrates, providing an immersive experience in every corner of the hotel.

Installed Products:

  • WORK PRO IC6: Ceiling speakers designed to deliver high-quality audio reproduction in diverse spaces.
  • WORK PRO NGS 80: Garden speakers that integrated perfecty for outdoor environments, contributing to the atmosphere of the surroundings.
  • WORK PRO NEO 5IP: Outdoor-resistant speakers suitable for applications in open spaces.
  • WORK PRO NEO 8: 2-way installation speakers, versatile and efficient.
  • WORK PRO ENTAR 12: Full-range speakers with precise and balanced audio reproduction.
  • WORK PRO IC5: Compact ceiling speakers with solid acoustic performance.
  • WORK PRO ATHOS 10: High-performance 2-way loudspeaker.
  • WORK PRO CPRO 8: Ceiling speaker designed for uniform sound distribution.

The integration of these products was carried out with precision, ensuring homogeneous acoustic and lighting coverage throughout the establishment, from public areas to private spaces. This project highlights the capability of our equipment to meet technical standards and specific requirements of professional installers and integrators.

Thanks! We will keep you informed at all times.

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