The revolutionary transformation of the ENNOIA fitness center in Mauritius has arrived, thanks to the latest installation by One Touch Domotics. This project has elevated the center's performance by incorporating high-quality WorkPro, Mark, and LightShark products with confidence.

The installation includes:

  • 12 WORK PRO UDA 16: Column with speakers in array providing an unparalleled sound experience.
  • 8 MARK ARC SUB 12 Mk3: Subwoofers enhancing low-frequency reproduction for an immersive experience.
  • MARK Amplifiers M4300: Amplifiers ensuring consistent and quality performance.
  • WORK PRO PA60: Installation amplifiers with mixer built-in.
  • 4 WORK PRO WPE44: Digital processor 4x4 I/O to control the audio configuration in different zones.
  • 4 WORK PRO NEO SET 100 BT: Speaker systems delivering crisp and balanced audio reproduction.
  • 2 Lightshark LSCore: Lighting controllers for a dynamic visual experience.
  • 2 WORK PRO C PRO 8: Ceiling speakers discreetly integrating into the environment.
  • 3 MARK PRO MAXMINI 4: Compact audio mixer to control live performances.

  • This combination of audio and lighting technologies has achieved a perfect synergy, enhancing the user experience at ENNOIA. Another testament to how innovation in audiovisuals can transform spaces!
Thanks! We will keep you informed at all times.

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