In a significant sound enhancement, the Sanctuary of Bayaguana, home to the revered Christ of Miracles in the Dominican Republic, has embraced the WorkPro ARION 10 sound system. This set of satellites and subwoofers has transformed the auditory experience in this place of worship, showcasing its versatility across various applications.

The array of satellites, arranged for optimal acoustic dispersion, features 10" neodymium speakers and two 1.7" high-frequency drivers each. Complementing this setup, the system incorporates the WorkPro SL 212, with two 12" speakers to reinforce bass reproduction. Manufactured in high-density wood, the WorkPro ARION 10 system offers enduring sound quality in the challenging environment of the Sanctuary.

The versatility of the ARION 10 shines in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of the installation. With the option to add satellites and adjust the tilt, this system demonstrates its flexibility to meet the unique requirements of the environment, from conference rooms to mobile events.

This upgrade at the Sanctuary of Bayaguana underscores WorkPro's commitment to enhancing auditory experiences in spaces of cultural and spiritual significance.

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