In a recent audio installation project for a burger joint in Vigo, Carper Sound opted for our product line from WorkPro and Audio Music Systems.

The choice involved deploying 8 WorkPro NEO 5 speakers, supported by a powerful AMS mod. AML 240 USB amplifier. This setup not only met expectations but completely transformed the ambiance of the venue into something distinct and captivating.

The installation not only sounds good on paper but has genuinely captivated those who enjoy a good burger and music in a perfectly tuned environment.

This project is not just an endorsement of the quality of our products but also a testament to the ability to transform a space with the magic of sound. We are thrilled to see how our solutions continue to resonate in the real world, inspiring memorable moments, and enhancing the auditory experience in everyday places.

Thanks, Carper Sound.

Thanks! We will keep you informed at all times.

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