These amplifiers not only represent excellence in audio engineering, but are also the result of a deep understanding of our customers' integration needs. With a unique combination of versatility and exceptional performance, the SYNTHEA series is ready to raise your expectations and exceed them. From corporate facilities to entertainment environments, SYNTHEA effortlessly adapts to a variety of scenarios. Its elegant design blends seamlessly with its impressive power, allowing you to deliver an unparalleled listening experience on every project. Operating in both low and high impedance (4 Ohm and 100V), the SYNTHEA series offers various channel and power configurations, and features an output section with GPIO and S/PDIF ports, providing maximum flexibility. Integrated DSP processing and TCP/IP access allow any input to any output to be seamlessly mixed and routed, making it easy to connect multiple units for complex installations. The SYNTHEA amplifier series also includes WAP access point, which allows users to adjust different parameters (levels, equalization, etc.) through a web browser without the need to download specific software or dedicated drivers, accessible from multiple devices.

Synthea Models:

Synthea 2125: offers two channels with 125 W of power each or one channel with 250 W. It is suitable for small sound systems that require clear and detailed sound.

Synthea 2500: also provides two channels but with a power of 500 W per channel or one channel of 1000 W.

Synthea 4125: provides four channels of 125 W each or two channels of 250 W. This amplifier is designed for sound systems that require multiple speakers.

Synthea 4500: with four channels of 500 W each or two channels of 1000 W. This is the most powerful amplifier in the range and is suitable for large venues where high volume and powerful sound are required.

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