Experience a new standard in audio with our ARENA Series. These compact coaxial loudspeakers are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance, even in the harshest environments. 

 Built to Brave the Elements: Engineered for extreme weather resistance, every cabinet in the ARENA Series is constructed using water-resistant polyvinyl. Say goodbye to the worry of weather-induced wear and tear. 

 Uncompromising Reliability: Our hydrophobically-treated grill, moisture-sealed crossover, and waterproof connection system ensures unwavering reliability, even during prolonged exposure to the toughest environmental conditions. 

 A Speaker for Every Occasion: The ARENA Series boasts a versatile lineup:  

  • Full-Range Coaxial Speakers: Whether it's the 6", 8", 10", or 12" model, these speakers pack a punch with power ranging from 300W to 600W. Enjoy clear highs and efficient low-frequency performance, all while minimizing distortion for a perfectly balanced audio experience. 
  • Dual 8" Waterproof Subwoofer: Our 800W band-pass subwoofer delivers a powerful low-frequency punch, enhancing the overall audio quality and depth of the entire ARENA Series. 
  • Applications as Diverse as You: The ARENA Series finds its stride in various settings: 
  • General Outdoor Applications: From fairs to theme parks, these speakers are your go-to solution for environments where power in a compact package is a must, and continuous weather resistance is non-negotiable. 
  • Outdoor Shopping Malls: Elevate the shopping experience with background music, announcements, promotions, safety notifications, and enhanced outdoor dining areas – a win-win for visitors and mall operators alike. 
  • Restaurant and Club Terraces: Specially treated for resilience against various weather conditions, our speakers are the perfect addition to outdoor dining areas. 
  • Sports Venues: Bring your stadium or athletic field to life with clear audio for announcements, music playback, and crowd engagement. 
  • Swimming Pools: Dive into uninterrupted enjoyment with speakers resistant to moisture, ensuring that music and announcements are worry-free. 
  • Multipurpose Venues: Versatility is key, and our speakers are well-suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor venues that demand top-tier sound reinforcement. 

The ARENA Series compact coaxial loudspeaker system redefines audio quality and reliability in the face of challenging weather conditions. With power ratings ranging from 200W to 800W, hydrophobic treatments, moisture-sealed components, and waterproof connectors, it consistently delivers clear and unwavering audio performance. It's the ideal choice for a wide array of applications. Experience sound and resilience like never before with the ARENA Series. 

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Introducing Arena Series

Whether it's sunny skies or a sudden downpour, you can count on us for reliable outdoor sound solutions that truly withstand the test of the elements.